Friday, October 23, 2009


Talan is getting so big and learning everyday. He has the cutest little personality, he is trying to talk, and crawl, and he just loves to make us laugh! He has been trying to copy things that we say. the other day he said plain as day "jedi!" (thats our dog's name) He says mmmmmmm when he eats, he says uh oh sometimes when he drops something, he says uh uh when you try to do something he doesn't want ya to, he says da da and ma ma, he can say quite a few things, it is so dang cute. But this week has been really hard on ALL of us! We have all been really sick, we went to the Dr on Monday, where they took nasal swabs on us and said that Talan tested posative for the Swine Flu! Brandon and I came up negative but they said that 3 in 10 that come up negative are really actually posative, and to where Talan has the flu and we are sick as well they think that we all had it! I was having trouble breathing and my O2 level was at like 81 so they gave me a chest X-ray and come to find out I have pnuemonia as well! It has been a really hard week, trying to get better while taking care of Talan at the same time, it is the saddest thing I have ever seen and it is truely heart breaking to see the poor boy so sick. But we are all recovering now and doing better, I hate flu season!

These pictures were taken at the beginning of October, courtesy of Shanda Leigh Photography. We went to a really cool place that has all sorts of old cars and trucks (and busses) but it started pouring rain before we could finish. But there are some amazing pictures that came out of it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talan Lee

I know, it has been FOREVER since I have updated my blog! I got on here and seen how small Talan was in the last pics! So I decided I should share these way cute pics!!! And let you all know whats up in our lives. Talan is growing and learning everyday. He can sit up PERFECTLY all by himself, he rolls over, he gets into crawling position sometimes but can't go anywhere lol. He says "mmmmmm" when he eats baby food, he said "dada" the other day! it was cute. And today he started reaching for me when other people are holding him. He went on his very first camping trip a couple weekends ago, we got a new camper and had a lot of fun! The first trip we used a tent but I am glad we have that camper now it is a blast. Brandon and I are doing good, we are just enjoying watching our baby grow and his personality start to get really fun! He is such a good baby! I am so thankful for my awesome little family, love you guys! xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



We set up a jumper for Talan last week and he has so much fun in it, the first day he kinda just turned in circles, but as soon as he discovered that he could jump he thought it was so fun! These videos are like the first couple of days he played in it. But he got worn out and fell asleep!


Talan had his first taste of REAL food! He had some sweet potatoes and absolutely loved them! He wanted it faster than I could give it to him! lol it was so cute!


Talan is growing up so fast! Lately he has been laughing a lot and even talking! (well, at least he thinks he is talking) It is so dang cute!!!
This is a video of one of the first times he really laughed a bunch and a video of him playing in the mirror, he LOVES to laugh in the mirror

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Brandon plays each year on a baseball team with his employer and fellow employees. He has a lot of fun and he is pretty good at it to. Last year he had some unfortunate events though... he broke his toe when a guy slid into him on the base and it rammed right into the tip of his big toe! It was really sad! (His sister broke hers the same weekend lol they had matching casts)
Anyways, so that ended his season last year. This season of baseball started a few weeks ago and he has played a little, and now he has a little boy to cheer him on! (with my help of course lol)
It is pretty fun to go and watch once a week, GO BRANDON!